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Advertising Rates - 2015-2016

Monthly Rates

To inquire about advertising on this site please send an email to:

Main Sponsor - $2500

whole section devoted to just your products

Sponsors - $500

50 products on our site linked directly to your page

Standard Advertisers - $400

Banner ad linking to your page. Must be family friendly and will be okayed by the owner of this site before


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Why Advertise Here?

During the months of October, November, and December of 2011, had over 3 million page views and over 1 million unique visitors per month

The site is highly ranked on search engines for the key words "Holiday Gifts".

Most of our advertisers sign up again year after year. Advertising on produces real results.

Mailing List: Our in-house mailing list is used to promote our Sponsors. No spam lists are used, only our in-house list. We offer a free drawing to those who sign up for our mailing list as an inducement to join it.

Standard Advertisers are also featured in our newsletters  (4) times throughout the year. You will get to write the 4 posts for your products with one outbound link to your site for each post.

Notes To Advertisers:

1. All advertising is sold on a "first come, first served" basis.

2. reserves the right to reject or to require modification of any advertisement that is offensive, unsuitable for children, or clashes with the overall style of this site.

3. Banner Ads on must be an image file 120 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. Animated Gif, Gif or Jpeg are allowed. Any use of Flash advertisements or JavaScript must be pre-approved. Any text used in advertisement boxes must complement the fonts in use throughout our site, which are Verdana, Verdana Bold and Arial. Animated gifs must be no more than 15kb in file size. Please do not use any dark colors such as blacks, browns or greys, in keeping with the aesthetics of our colors. (Reds, greens, yellows and blues are preferred colors).

4. A text listing includes up to 50 characters of underlined link text, and up to 250 characters of text description of your site.

5. Each ad is for one company only and cannot be redirected to another company.

6. The "back" button may not be disabled on any landing page for any of our advertisers. Disabling the "back" button or otherwise making it impossible to return to when someone clicks on your ad will result in immediate non- refunded cancellation of the advertisement. (Note: Some of our affiliate links require clicking the "back" button twice to get back to because of intermediate tracking links, and that is acceptable.)

7. All advertising is non refundable.